The Power of Climate Birds

Green Origin contributes to the development of the operator Climate City, which deploys the Climate Birds network—a unique, local climate observation and modeling network—over cities. These drones, balloons, and other instruments observe local climatic phenomena that stem from urban activity and link them to the major issues of global climate change. With the support of Green Origin and long term, Climate City will deploy its network in several hundred cities worldwide to create a real “Internet of the Climate”, a platform that will allow all the cities of the world to anticipate climate risks at a local level.

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The Catalog

Green Origin is also developing a service platform that allows you to determine the climate profile of a territory and access trends and models that will prevent you from suffering the different impacts of climate dysfunctions (heat islands, pollution, floods) both today and tomorrow.


Consulting and Support

In partnership with Climate City, Green Origin produces:

  • Good Conduct guides that explain how to adapt urban zones to the evolving climate,
  • Climate plans,
  • Revolutionary approaches to climate-centered urban planning.

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Conferences and Training

Training courses and informational conferences on urban climate in partnership with Climate City and the advertising agency Hôtel République are also among the services offered by Green Origin.

  • Urbanization and climate risks,
  • Solutions for adapting to climate risks,
  • Urban heat islands and climate dynamics,
  • Anticipating risks on the very local scale,
  • Climate-wise urban planning, a necessary, revolutionary approach to urban planning.

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