Thank you to Clémence, Marc, Fabrice, Julie, Bruno, Yves, Roger and Boris for agreeing to be at the heart of our strategy.
– Laurent, President of Green Origin Holding (France & Quebec)


Our Organization

Green Origin is an open company; we listen to all those who, like us, hope to reconquer with passion and rationality a blue planet in danger and the infinite space that surrounds it.

Our Strategic Committee

We are fortunate to bring together a multidisciplinary team to enrich our projects and our services. Our team members are passionate about the need to reinvent the world and are mobilized to make Green Origin an entirely unique company.


Associate and Director of Development for the architecture and urban planning agency Béchu & Associates. Member of the Green Origin strategic committee.
An alumna of the ESCP with a passion for the sciences and innovation, Clémence contributes to the development of biomimicry and all forms of climate change resilience.


Cofounder of Climate City, President of Green Origin.
A graduate of HEC Paris (CPA Executive MBA), founder of Explorer-a consulting network for aerospace technology marketing-and of Spoutnik, the first ever magazine on the history of space exploration, Laurent is an expert on the democratization of space technologies and climate science. Awarded the 2015 Grand Prix Générali des Respirations for “Best Initiative Related to Climate Change” at COP 21 for his work with Climate City.


Cofounder of Collecticity, the partner of Climate City. Member of Green Origin’s strategic committee. Humanist and Entrepreneur.
After being a lawyer at the Paris bar for more than 7 years, Marc co-founded Collecticity, the first citizen platform for co-financing and co-constructing local government projects, of which he is now President.


Cofounder and President of the ANETO Strategy Consulting firm. Member of Green Origin's strategic committee.
A graduate of the École des Mines de Paris, a former BCG student, Fabrice is a passionate entrepreneur. His expertise covers major sectors of the French economy such as aerospace and the food industry.


Geomatics researcher, geo-data analyst, and researcher with Green Origin and Climate City. Member of the Green Origin strategic committee.
With a doctorate in geography, Julie is an expert in the major issues and concerns in mobility, air quality, and their impact on populations in urban spaces.


Climate City shareholder. Member of the Green Origin strategic committee. Guyana director of the Actual Leader group
A graduate of HEC Paris, the SUPAERO engineering school, a physicist, founder of Epsilon Ingénierie and co-founder of the Aerospace Valley competitivity hub. Former thermal engineering expert at the CNES.


Co-founder of Climate City and co-president of the Climate City scientific committee. Member of the Green Origin strategic committee.
Doctor of environmental science. Researcher at Columbia University (New York). Yves is the author of more than 150 scientific publications. Advisor to the CNES and a former engineer/researcher for Météo France, he has received awards at COP 21 and from the Ministry of the Environment for Climate City.


Supervisor at Innovation et Développement économique Trois-Rivières (IDeTR) - Québec Canada. Member of the Green Origin Strategic Committee.
Holder of a professional BA in Banking and Finance from the University of Paris V, Boris moved to Quebec to complete his Diplôme d'Études Supérieurs (DES) in Finance. After spending more than 8 years in the banking sector in Quebec, Boris has turned to economic development for the City of Trois-Rivières. He is a guide and facilitator for companies that wish to develop projects within the city limits.


Co-president of the Climate City scientific and operational committees. Member of the Green Origin strategic committee.
Strategic advisor in the aerospace sector (AON Group – Explorer Consulting Group). Former director of Arianspace Guyana. Former PDG of Hurel Hispano Meudon (Snecma Group). Former colonel in the French Airforce. Graduate of the Ecole Supérieure de Guerre Aérienne and the Ecole de l’Air. Listed in the Dictionnaire des Français du Ciel (Dictionary of French People of the Sky), published by the Académie Nationale de l’Air et de l’Espace


Researcher, atmospheric science expert
Passionate about major climate and weather issues, Martin is preparing to become one of the key young researchers at Green Origin and Climate City. With a master's degree in atmospheric sciences from the University of Wyoming (USA) and Clermont Ferrand (FR), and one in geosciences from the ENS de Lyon, Martin is a lover of large natural spaces, hiking and rock climbing.


UCL Graduate Researcher
Passionate about the cognitive sciences and the major challenges of Artificial Intelligence, Researcher at the laborartory of Dr. Brad Love UCL London, IT analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Engineer and graduate of the l’École Polytechnique Paris, Holder of a Master’s Degree in Energy Policy from Imperial College London and a Master’s Degree in Machine Learning from UCL London.