Our Team

A team of engineers dedicated to supporting your projects.


Research & Development Engineer, Project manager.
Franco-American engineer ISAE-SUPAERO, Chloé is specialized in Control and autonomous systems. Project manager within Climate City on behalf of Green Origin, she is in charge of the development of Climate Birds and the relationship between clients and the Climate City technical team. Passionate about the world around us, she was a student in Tokyo and intends to continue to discover the world with Climate City.


Global System Engineer, Project manager.
Engineer from INP Phelma (Grenoble) and ISAE-SUPAERO, Théo specializes in electronics and systems engineering. Project manager within Climate City on behalf of Green Origin, he is in charge of the analysis of the global system and contributes to the development challenges of Climate Birds. A passionate surfer, he is an ardent defender of the oceans and the environment.


Geomatics researcher, geo-data analyst, and researcher with Green Origin and Climate City. Member of the Green Origin strategic committee.
With a doctorate in geography, Julie is an expert in the major issues and concerns in mobility, air quality, and their impact on populations in urban spaces.


Researcher, atmospheric science expert.
Passionate about major climate and weather issues, Martin is preparing to become one of the key young researchers at Green Origin and Climate City. With a master's degree in atmospheric sciences from the University of Wyoming (USA) and Clermont Ferrand (FR), and one in geosciences from the ENS de Lyon, Martin is a lover of large natural spaces, hiking and rock climbing.


Research & Development Engineer, Project manager.
An engineer graduated from the National School of Engineers of Tarbes (ENIT), Kiruttika is in charge of the "Internet Of Climate" platform developed by Green Origin on behalf of the Climate City program. Kiruttika also contributes to studies dedicated to climate modeling at the urban scale and to the "Mini Climate Birds" program. With magnificent Sri Lankan origins and university experiences in Europe, Kiruttika fervently wants to contribute to changes in the world.


Software Engineer, Project manager.
A specialist in digital sciences and an engineer trained at ENSEEIHT, Mickaël is one of the young talents who develop all the software assets of Climate City on behalf of Green Origin. With Mickaël, the issues are always transformed into solid and rigorous solutions.


Climate dynamics expert, Global system engineering.
Holder of a Master in Ocean Science, Atmosphere and Climate from Toulouse III University, Roman brings to Green Origin and Climate City his expertise on climate dynamics and on environmental issues related to his evolution. Passionate about sport and travel, Roman puts his dynamism and ingenuity at the service of the preservation of the planet.