Our Organization

We are a collective of scientists, strategists, and entrepreneurs; experts in climate, the environment, public health, and space applications. Our organization is part of a knowledge economy, and a society that must promote sharing and put nature and science back at the heart of our civilization. We are from Toulouse and Trois-Rivières, and have settled in France a few steps from the Garonne and in Quebec on the banks of the Saint Laurent.

Our Partners

A community of passionate researchers from the best universities, such as Columbia in New York, the Sorbonne in Paris, and Concordia in Montreal, and from laboratories at NASA, CNES, and INSERM.

A team of technology experts dedicated to observing and preserving our planet, entrepreneurs from the new space industry who are convinced of its usefulness for the future of humanity; women and men who have worked-or still work-within the Sanofi Group, the Boston Consulting Group, Météo France, the American insurer AON, Airbus, Google, Space X, Oneweb, and others.