Our Team

Aware of the challenges of our world, our business team organizes with agility the most suitable response to your needs.


International & Specific Projects Manager.
Holder of a Master's degree from the Egyptian University of Alexandria and the University of Poitiers, Farah is in charge of the international development of Climate City on behalf of Green Origin. Farah is also in charge of strategic projects, particularly in real estate and with the gift of creating links and giving meaning to projects, by combining her passion for the discovery of cultures which helps her find relevant solutions specific to each country.


Project & solutions manager.
Holder of an MBA obtained at the Institut Supérieur de Commerce de Toulouse consolidated at Manchester Metropolitan University, Raphaël is in charge of promoting Climate City solutions and projects on behalf of Green Origin. In charge of European markets, he puts his passions for the environment, his listening skills and his energy at the service of public authorities.


Public Relations & Communication Manager, Climate Consultant and Analyst.
A graduate of Toulouse III University in Marketing Techniques, Romane contributes to the promotion of Climate City Consulting and Analysis activities on behalf of Green Origin in France. Her interest in the preservation of the planet also led her to participate in European programs attached to the University of Dubrovnik in Croatia.