At Green Origin, we take a positive approach to the changing world and its developments.


We work for states, local authorities, cities, businesses, and citizens all over the world to provide convenient solutions based on scientific research, technological innovation, our experience, and our pragmatism.

Through different projects and services, we offer an unprecedented ability to deal with the upheavals of our planet and highlight real human and technological achievements, such as the exploration of space and the oceans, and the development of biomimicry.

Discover “Facing the Climate Challenge”


You are a state, a local authority, a city, an industrialist, or a private operator. You want to become a pioneering player in climate change. You are a technology company taking part in the renewed exploration of our planet and the space that surrounds it. You want to be a responsible actor for the environment and benefit both today’s world and tomorrow’s!

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Planet Earth is our shared island. Let us join forces to protect it.

Ban Ki-moon, 8th secretary general of the United Nations

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